Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Slider Wednesday,Thursday, Friday

I will be out-0f-town in Springfield, Missouri, Wed.-Fri. for a fun seminar on digital cameras.

I am hoping to learn how to transfer some skills and tricks I had with film cameras that I have not been able to transfer to digital cameras. I have a very nice but older digital Nikon D50 and a less technical Canon SureShot.

The workshop is sponsored by Tamron Lenses which is the one lens I bought for the Nikon, an all purpose zoom.

I'll have my laptop computer and Nikon Camera on this trip.

Next week we are expecting my husband's brother, wife and one son from So. Carolina.

If there is anything to share with you of a general nature from the workshop I will. However, I want to recommend two bloggers on many blog lists and who have been photographers for years. Both are also writers/journalists:

Abe Lincoln Abraham Lincoln, [not reincarnated, well maybe, he is kin] who is giving some occasional tips from his perspective. I am still fascinated with taking a photo with your camera between your feet while standing straight his blog and try it.

authorblog David McMahon, who is a international photographer of some note. He blogs of driving into the Australian Outback to get "the shot" even if it is only one. I first came across his blog under Post of The Day when I was an "honorable mention." If you are looking for new blogs to read, go to his blog daily and visit his selection as well as the honorable mentions.

I have an e-mail of other photographers of note which I have not had time to check out.

Meanwhile here are two photos I took during the 2008 floods in the Ozark White River Basin. Bull Shoals Dam with all (17) spillway gates open and all eight generators running.

These photos are not edited very much. However, I missed what is called the Hors d'oeuvres or creative shot. If you look closely, the reflection of the dam and spillway is in the water puddles on the road. @#$%^&*! [While I do not claim copyright to any pictures, I would appreciate requests to use them for non-promotional purposes.]


Pat - Arkansas said...

Very good photos of the dam/spillways, NW. I've been there when some of the gates were open, but not all 17. Must have made an awesome sound, as well as a great photo. Have fun at your seminar.

Arkansas Patti said...

Great shot with all gates open.
Enjoy the seminar. Think I will take your advise about the online school. LR is just too far to travel.

Silver said...

Wow.. lady. You do get around! Do have a great time, be well and stay safe, ok!

NitWit1 said...

Arkansas Patti: hope you enjoy the on-line school. The lesson posted for this week on my newsletter had to do with composition.

It refreshed my memory of a trick I learned along ago. How lines can lead the eye to the central focus of a picture or lead the eye into and out of the picture.

In the two I posted the fence does this, more effectively in one than the other, in my opinion.

Sometimes the "lead" to central picure is more subtle, like a color.

Hope you enjoy the site. NitWit1(Carol) and Luckie.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great photos! enJOY your trip! David is one of my fave blogging friends. His blog is such a JOY to read!