Saturday, August 01, 2009

Yucky! Icky! Phew! I Don't Like That! Lament

Very few have missed the fact I'm trying to shed much maligned fat for health reasons. I never intend to be as svelte as Luckie, nor runway models.

After 26.5 lbs of controlled, tormented starvation and over six months, using Weight Watchers On-Line, I still am no closer to loving vegetables than when I was six years old.

I rarely tolerate more than one serving/meal. The only way I meet my diet requirements of 5-7 fruits or vegetables is with fruit, all of which cost me infamous points!

Starchy vegetables also cost points: white and sweet potatoes, most root vegetables, peas, dried shelled beans/peas, pumpkin. Naturally, those are the ones I like a bit more.....

Mother tried, but I regularly refused stinky vegetables, Brussel sprouts, broccoli cauliflower, turnips, cabbages, parsnips, rutabagas. Onions I liked. She ate a lot of vegetables RAW. I gagged, just watching her.

You get the picture ... this old dog isn't learning any new tricks! But I keep trying. I know...I know. It's good for you.

I've found a miniature variety of bok choy, a Chinese cabbage, baby bok choy, I tolerate fairly well. It has little odor and can be cooked, stir-fried or eaten raw. WalMart used to carry it in a packet of three, but their marketing strategy seems to be this: they no longer carry it after you get hooked on it.

On my frequent trips to Springfield, MO I have purchase moderate supplies at a local Asian Market. Debbie Meyer Green Bags keep Baby Bok Choy fresh for a long time.

Today, I chopped one baby bok choy into stir-fry bits, added 1/2 tablespoonful of olive oil, 1/2 cup of leftover Bush's speckled butter beans, 1.5 oz of leftover Crock Pot pulled BBQ pork loin, finely minced crystalline ginger and a liberal sprinkling of black pepper in to a 6" skillet. [2 vegetable servings here!]

I cooked the mixture until liquids evaporated. I served myself in a small bowl ( so it looked like a BIG serving - perception is everything to a dieter) along with 15 Kashi TLC 7 grain wheat crackers.

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I think Luckie has caught on to Christmas - - Starting in July, start hinting what Santa should bring down the chimney and place under the Christmas tree. Meanwhile be sure to demolish a few toys so you have a few new ones from which to pick the next "favorite toy."

For at least two Christmases, my best friend has provided her the most popular toys; this year I have no name for it, except it had two ears, two arms and two legs. I am amazed its nub of a tail remains intact!

To date it has had 5 amputations and the 6th is due any day. She has a huge box of untouched toys, of which a select few CLEAN ones will find their way to the yard sale Labor Day.

I have purchased her a chipmunk (toy) for Christmas. I have deep reservations about her having such a toy, given her penchant for hunting the cute little critters.''



Renie Burghardt said...

Hmmmm, your meal sounds kind of okay, I guess.

I love veggies and salads, and do not eat starchy stuff at all. I keep my carbs low, which in turn lets me control my weight. It's for health reasons as well. I am a type 2 diabetic. I love Chinese food. We go to a lovely Chinese Buffet once a week. I love the chicken and broccoli and Chinese cabbage stir fry dish, love mushroom dishes, love shrimp. It's delicious and keeps me at my 110 lbs, so I'm happy with that. I also love Mexican. Enjoy Chicken Adobado, which is delish, with spinach.

I didn't like veggies as a kid either, but do now. Veggies can be delicious, Carol Ann. Haha.

Happy weekend.


Sandi McBride said...

I love brussell farts! Opps, I mean brussell sprouts...I could live on them...and broccoli and cauliflower...and collards...emm, sorry bout that...hope you win your battle so that you can say "how I lost 30 pounds and learned to love gas inducing veggies!"

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my visit to your blog and can sympathize with your fat removal processes. I got a gut of fat while in the hospital and out and have had to wear increasing sizes ever since. I eat enough, just barely, to keep a mouse is shape, and yet the scales only go up.

There is a solution named Adkins but it isn't good for you. I am told that. My doctor said you must weigh the benefits and risks.

With Adkins if you learn to eat differently and keep the weight off, it is a good deal as you can go off of it in a short period of time.

If you are overweight, like I still am, then there is risk from everything which isn't good.

So, I am between a rock and a hard place when it comes to dieting. I need to loose weight. I wish you good luck.

I don't mind smelling my own farts and I love to smell dog's feet but I don't know what Brussell farts smell like. I wonder if there is a market for fart scented perfume?

NitWit1 said...

Renie, my meal was just as you said OK but I add not great. Yuck.
I love the Chinese buffet-crab rangoon-1 serving=5 points. I like to have at least 4 in addition to the rest of the meal-My daily point allowance is 22. As a former Texan TX-MEX was standard fare, especially tamales, if home made (2=9 pts. depending on meat used.)

Sandi: I don't think that blog will ever fly. I hope to lose 25 more, and it will require more veggies. However, the gassiest person in this household is Navy retired hubby who used to engage in "farting" contests with his Navy buddies after a meal of pinto beans and cornbread. Men have very odd sense of "fun."

Abe:I agree, maybe a mouse could live on our meal allotments. I've done Adkins, South Beach, CURVES,cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet. and Weight Watchers.

WW calls theirs a lifestyle, not a diet. My endocrinologist told me I would never be successful until I dropped the word diet. It has to be a life change. Diet implies temporary, or a end at some point in time.

So I guess we are relegated to controlled tormented starvation for our life if we ever see the right number on the scale!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, brussel sprouts look, taste and smell like baby cabbages. Sometimes they are very bitter Never know till you cook 'em. YUCK!!

It is time for lunch...let's see what meagerly serving I can find.

lakeviewer said...

I want to thank you for visiting me. Have you tried pureed and creamed soups with vegetables, such as broccoli, cowliflower, etc? My favorite is minestrone soup, chockful of good veggies.

How about gazpacho?

Liz said...

How can you survive not liking veg?!! george and I love veg. George is especially fond of raw potato and onion skins and he adores broccoli. And bananas, grapes, oranges, raspberries, melon etc etce

NitWit1 said...

Liz: that is why obesity is a major problem from today's children to old people in USA--too much love of processed and refined food.