Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Duet Vacation!

Life is never a nicely defined, straight line. How I wish it were, but I dream and digress.

When my husband and I were considerably younger, whether in military service, or our busy civilian lives, or retirement, the word VACATION usually meant trips to visit families and friends in Texas or the Carolinas.

Exceptions were two or three trips to Arkansas fishing, which fueled our dreams to semi-retire in Arkansas.

Time has evaporated during 40 years of marriage and we are in our supposed golden years, maybe a little tarnished 70s. During that time trips began to have a medical purpose attached--no vacation, but nevertheless, a journey.

One pipe dream, a driving tour of the Northwest, will probably never occur, unless we schedule some kind of tour, or hire a driver.

Of course, some would argue, since we both are retired, we are on permanent vacation.

Since we have birthdays approximately two months apart, we are planning a modest 50 mile round trip up Bull Shoals Lake to the Black Oaks Resort, Oakland, AR., for a week of fishing or whatever the weather permits. We may hire a fishing guide, hopefully to guarantee we catch fish. If I am unable to get in our boat away from our stall, I can be content with my laptop; the resort has WiFi.

By mutual agreement this is our birthday gift(s) to each other; hence, Birthday Duet, no singing allowed.

We are leaving Aug. 13 and returning home Aug. 20. Luckie will be reclining at her friendly vet, although that is forced vacation in her eyes. [left adjacent photo]

I may be fishing and enjoying a week of Slider Days during our modest Birthday Duet Vacation!!!

Again I may find a lot of photos I just have to share as soon as I return to the cabin where my laptop is!!! I will be prepared to enjoy whatever comes my way, fishing or relaxing, surfing the 'Net, or roaming the countryside, if weather permits, with two cameras.

I will be reading posts, watching TV, a little cooking-mostly MICROWAVE. Those who follow me know I hate cooking. But I'm looking forward to a change of pace and hope the health of both of us holds up for awhile.


Arkansas Patti said...

Sound sooo wonderful. I know you will be taking pictures.
Looks like you will be having perfect weather which sadly will probably keep you away from the laptop. Sadly for us that is but having just finished a hiatus, I can only say it is totally refreshing. Go for it.
Catch lots of fish, vitamin D, read good books and enjoy each other. Don't forget to record and enjoy those sunrises or sunsets (don't know which way you are facing)over the water.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Enjoy your dual birthday vacation. Hope the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the fish are biting, and the no-see-ums are nonexistant.

Sandi McBride said...

Now that's a great idea! While Mac and my birthdays are several weeks apart, I believe this is doable! Have a great time and enjoy your Birthday Vacation! And Happy Birthday to you both!!!

Cheffie-Mom said...

enJOY your birthday vacation! How fun!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I love the Bull Shoals Lake area, although I don't fish. Have a wonderful time on your dual vacation, and do take lots of pictures. That is such a picturesque spot.



Lorna said...

Have a great holiday---your earlier vacations sound suspiciously like ours, always off to see some member of the families. Not that they weren't good, but they weren't the holidays of most people's dreams.