Monday, August 03, 2009

Slider Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday WEEDS & 1 ROSEBUD

Slider Days is self defined as days I slide through without writing or minimal writing . Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are filled with chores and duties which have backed up because of too many out-of-town trips.

I devised the name from Slider Burgers, small square mini-burgers, which cooks so fast, it is jokingly said t0 slide across the grill.
White Castle and Krystal specializes in Slider Burgers.

So here goes my SLIDER DAYS!

Saturday morning Arkansas temperature, humidity and my allergies/non-smoking COPD came together for a brief period of time allowing me to pull a few weeds. In the process I found weeds sometimes are beautiful when seen through the eye of a unbiased viewfinder!

Nodding Foxtail, Chinese Foxtail, Giant Bristlegrass,
Japanese Bristlegrass, Chinese Millet
[CYPERALES, Poaceae, Setaria faberi ( there are several varieties)]

Common or Asiatic Dayflower(?)
[Commelia erecta](?)
This lovely blue flower is a weed of some kind.
Maybe someone can provide me a name!

Saving the perfect red rosebud, for dessert! This is a climber which was on my property when we moved here! It must be very hardy, as I ignore it. Most things grow better if I ignore them!


Pat - Arkansas said...

For a slider, you came up with quite a few side dishes. Love the foxtail. I have no idea what the little blue flower is, but it's pretty. The rose is, of course, a rose. When was there ever an ugly one?

Enjoy your slider days.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Ahhhh weed pulling! So many to pull here but I'm exhausted after my "Nana" week! HA!

Amber Star said...

The foxtail plants are so graceful. I love them and wish I had some. I don't know the name of that plant with the blue flower, but I have some in a flowerpot with some dusty miller. I get so many compliments on it. I think the flower pot got left outside one winter, and voila.

I have some pics of our flowers, but just don't feel like getting them up today.

Liz said...

House plants definitely do better if I ignore them. I have the touch of death.

Lorna said...

don't neglect me in the hope I'll get better. I'll get bitter. And I have to write ostyporr to verify myself---isn't that ironic?

Silver said...

:) i won't say the same about most things grow better if i ignored them.. even with some serious tlc..they still die on me. ;(


Cheffie-Mom said...

Wonderful photos - it seems strange to call Fox Tail a weed - it's beautiful!