Monday, August 10, 2009

Blogging Gone Awry on Friday

Some days blogging is an adventure; some days it's a struggle; some days it's an aggravation, especially when the blogging gods are uncooperative.

On Aug. 6th [Thursday] I posted Scripture to Go Part 1 . I ended it with the line, Part 2 soon.

I knew I had Scripture to Go Part 2 nearly completed, the same day I posted Part 1.

Friday I decided to finish it with a flourish. I worked on it early morning and was ready to schedule Saturday's post. I don't know what happened but it disappeared entirely. Somehow I deleted it or it "flew out the window to outer space." I checked several ways to find it on my hard drive, to no avail.

Friday afternoon was spent re-writing the post, which I felt was not nearly as polished as the first draft. I very carefully scheduled the post for Aug. 8 and made very sure I hit the Publish button.

Also Friday I received a COMMENT on Scripture to Go Part 1, primarily in Chinese characters which I temporarily posted, but decided to put it through a language transliterator after I found two words, SOGO, and SEX intermixed with the characters.

Sogo was apparently the blogger, but when I clicked on the name a provocative web site came up, text in Chinese, but pictures certainly suggested an unwelcome site suggestive of pornography.

When I put the post through Google's transliterator it contained offers of all manner of pornography and other sexually deviate behavior. I sent the COMMENT to the trashcan.

I perceive the porno post was a mocking statement to the nature of my post; I have not received any similar posts since I have been blogging. Furthermore, the website was not marked RTA (restricted to adults) to protect children, but I guess foreign sites are not obligated to so indicate their sites. [signs depicted: R = child under 17 accompanied by adult permitted and NC-17 = no child under 17 allowed -at all]

Friday was also my husband's 74th birthday. At least it wasn't messed up, too. We discussed our vacation plans as a part of his birthday, just a few days delayed (Aug. 13th). We selected a resort at Oakland, AR for a week of fishing and recreation.
We agreed it will be a "birthday present" for each of us; our birthdays are a scant 2+ months apart. We genuinely hate to shop for birthday presents. After 40 years we have most everything we need or want. We both thought this short trip a splendid idea!


Arkansas Patti said...

As for your porn guy, good grief. Sorry a sicko found you. Hope he is gone.
As for the lost post, I usually form the post in Open Office 2 , copy and paste it on blogger dashboard but don't delete it from Open Office till it is published.
What a heart breaking thing to have happen. I know you put a lot of care into a post.
Happy Belated Birthday to Hubby. What a cool idea to combine BDays at a resort. Have a wonderful time.

NitWit1 said...

Thanks ArPatti:

I had thought about it. I use Corel WordPerfect which will actually store in about any format know to men, including HTML.

I am very comfortable with WP having taken advanced classes in it when it was the premier word processing program in the late '80s early '90s.

I have since forgotten the CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT combos in favor of a mouse, but am told it is still faster to use than mouse.

I refuse to convert to MS OFFICE and learn all over again.

Shows my age, HUH?!

However Open Office is free or nearly so and is more compatible with Javascript language which drives part of Blogger. May have to it.

I am having some other non-blogger related problems which previous history tells me my OS is corrupted. On a laptop that usually means reformat and reload the operating sytem, a tortuous week of backing up and restoring.

Not spending my vacation doing THAT! which is stressful and I resort to a lot of cussing.

Lorna said...

I read the last 3 posts together and found myself wanting to reach out to you; such a matter of fact recounting of a life-changing time!

I've lost posts from time to time and always feel the same kind of outrage that I used to feel if the top scoop dropped off my ice-cream cone.

NitWit1 said...

Well Lorna, I guess we will eventually get to wordpress but it always seems easier to stay with something familiar.

However, ArPattie (comment) does a great thing, creating her story in a word processer; then copy-n-paste to Blogger.

My word processor, Corel Word Processor, as does several others, actually will save as a HTML file.

That is great idea and I may resort to that. Besides you get to see more how it will appear, instead of that tiny composing window Blogger provides.

I've got to find out if ArPatti puts photos in before or after she moves it to Blogger.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Sickos are of every nationality and place! Too bad they have nothing better to do with their time. Evil is truly in the world.

Sorry about your losing your post; bummer!

Belated happy birthday to your hubby. Hope you two have a great time on your vacation.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I'm sorry you lost your post and had to deal with a yucky visitor.

Happy Birthday to your hubby! enJOY your day!

Liz said...

Have a lovely break with your husband.

Amber Star said...

I was by earler today and was fixin' to post about your comments when my server went down for the day pretty much.

I got an email from that same person written in Chinese, I guess. I've set up my blog so that I'm notified before someone can post weird stuff on it. I didn't have it translated...I just deleted the thing, and glad I am since you said it was gross.

Have a big time and enjoy yourself out in the real world. :)