Friday, August 14, 2009


I love to take photos, some in an artistic manner--sometimes total failure but with digital it is fun to play and not spend money on film and prints!

The DEL key is OH! SO CHEAP!......well maybe not if you consider the total cost of the camera and/or computer!

So at least this Friday I am posting without much comment a few photos. Some may seem redundant, put I'm usually playing around with perspectives, or light/shadow, or just plain PLAYING.

^Evening sun - vase/artificial rose, window box (taken thru a sunscreen shade)

^Morning sun - vase/artificial rose, window box (taken thru a sunscreen shade)

^Red Stemmed Rosebud

^Deformed Naked Lady Stalk ( was branched, which is not normal)

^Thundercloud forming, soaring bird soon found another place to soar!

^Drone Bee Fly(?)

^Humongous Squashes!!!

^Three Brothers Cemetery near Oakland, Arkansas

^Cloud formation which eventually produced much rain!

^ LUCKIE, the love of our lives!


Arkansas Patti said...

Ok, love the one of Luckie the best but roses and hole in clouds next.
I know you are scheduling and this showed up on Friday as you wanted but on my blog list it shows "no" post for today. I only came here because I knew you were posting.

I also use sheduling and hope this is not a bad side effect. Will let you know how it shows up tomorrow. It might just be a one day glitch.

NitWit1 said...

Patti Let me know because I do have a post scheduled for tomorrow.

WiFi here is not great. but having fun. I had two big hits on lake and didn't get 'em to the boat. White bass I think. I'm not setting hook hard enough.

Going out again this evening. Hope to get a sunset. Missed it yesterday. a funny story. maybe a blog....Two 70+ year olds should not be loose in society at the same time.

Sweetie Pie said...

What fun! I love the shadows on the rose photos. My mom told me that my dad brought a few "baseball bats" in from the garden the other night. That's her catch phrase for gigantic zucchinis. Hee hee!

Luckie is very lucky to be so very loved. :-)

Have a great weekend!!

Renie Burghardt said...

The pictures are lovely, Carol Ann. And Luckie is a handsome boy. Hope you catch a lovely sunset tonight. Happy weekend!