Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SUNRISE on the Bull Shoals Lake, etc.

SUNRISE ON THE LAKE, sailboat, deer, grasshopper, spider web and Crape (Crepe) Myrtle.

We have seen a couple of things not normally seen on the part of Bull Shoals Lake where we live in a small town by the Dam.

For example, sailboats, much less large sailboats, are not seen in our more populated area where marine traffic is often heavy, endangering sailng safety.

We have deer in our town, and a lot of our motor vehicle accidents (MVA) are with deer. The police report of MVAs is often 100% deer/car accidents. However, the deer below is peacefully grazing while we watch from our deck.

A fox squirrel (red tail) is hopping around, but manages to evade my camera.

The green bug, which appears to be a grasshopper, was clinging upside down on the electric meter encasement.

The Crape (Crepe) Myrtle trees here at the Black Oak resort are full grown and beautiful with some kind wild white morning glory vine, maybe hedge bindweed, intertwined among the tree's blossoms.

The first sunrise photo is straight out of the camera shot! The rest of photos have been somewhat manipulated, usually cropped.

[Postscript: we caught (keeper) fish today. We are learning to wall-eye fish which is a whole different game from bass fishing. We both caught fish today. I was fortunate that 2 of my three wall-eyes were keepers as well as one huge blue gill, all pulled from 50 feet m/l water. My arms are aching from reeling the wall-eye with a heavy rig upfrom deep water. Pictures later in the week, probably after we return home.]


Sandi McBride said...

What beautiful shots...the Crepe Myrtle are in full glory here, too but that lovely standing in the copse unaware that your camera's eye has scouted her out...

Arkansas Patti said...

Sorry the fox squirrel got away, I really like them. Aren't crepe myrtles wonderful. Mine is still a baby yet but I have high hopes for it.
The sail boat makes me want to do that again. Nothing quite like the quiet of sailing.
Did you eat the fish yet? So glad you finally got to reel em in.
Great shots. Keep enjoying.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Nothing like nature shots to remind you of the glorious life we live!! :)

Renie Burghardt said...

Lovely shots, Carol Ann. I love the sailboat on the lake, the crepe myrtle, and the deer shot.

Woohoo on catching some keepers. The only freshly caught fish I like is trout. Catfish I don't like one bit. Have never had walleye.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Dimple said...

Nice shots. I don't think I've ever seen Crepe Myrtle before, it's beautiful. I think you're right about the white flower, though here we call it field bindweed.

Sweetie Pie said...

Congratulations on the fish!!

Crepe Myrtles always remind me of my grandmother. I love the old fashioned and frilly blooms. Your photos really bring them to life! :-)

Screwed Up Texan said...

Love the crepe myrtle shots!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you did good with the fishing. Anxious to see them.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Gorgeous crepe myrtle! For some reason, mine bloomed a bit sparsely this year, and relatively late. It probably needs a good trimming and a dose of shrub vitamins.

Ah, I envy the sunrise shots! Lovely.

Liz said...

Lovely photos. And a real adventure.