Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cabin, Lake, and SUNSET!

A few photos of our cabin at Black Oak Resort, Bull Shoals Lake shots from the deck of our cabin and a sunset from somewhere in Mountain Creek. The sunset is not the prettiest I have witnessed on BS Lake, but a sunset, nevertheless!

Just put my uv/Haze filter on to see if future shots are better It is very hazy here right now...reminds me of the Smokies!!I was able to photo a young deer very near the cabin and a sailboat out on the lake. Wish I had had a higher range Telephoto for each.


Arkansas Patti said...

Still not showing up on my blog list. Bad blogger.
Love your cabin, it is just darling. Too bad it is too warm for a fire.
Great views and loved the sunset. If they allowed dogs, I would look into it.
Great choice you made.

NitWit1 said...

ARPatti: they do take pets. I've forgotten if a deposit is required or not. They have even nice ones than this for a nicer price :~)

Wait till you see "sun setting" from last night. Watch for "Great Balls of Fire". Also got sunrise this a.m. not as spectacular.

NO fish. Shelly is going walleye fishing with a guide tomorrow. I hope he catches a lot. Walleye is as good as catfish.

I had a baby bass on this a.m. He jumped out of the water and said nah! nah! nah! and spit it out right in front of me.

I could not get two to the boat Friday. Not setting a good hook. Using spoons which I never used in the past, so don't know what I'm doing. I was told this was a good lure to use if not live bait.
Very windy today and Husband had a lot of trouble manning the Aluminum Navigator. It is a very nice fishing boat and I feel safe in it but doesn't handle well in wind.

But we are making the most of it all. We are going to eat out tonight either in Gainesville MO or Mountain Home, AR. One is 14 mi and the other is 20 mi.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Carol Ann,

Your cabin looks cozy and nice, and the views are beautiful. Sunset is quite lovely as well. I hope you catch some good fish soon! Enjoy dining out. I love Gainesville. Mountain Home is nice, too, but I'm more partial to Gainsville, and I especially love Mountain View, but I know that's not in the Bull Shoals area.

Looking forward to more of your pictures!


boots said...

P*E*R*F*E*C*T! simple, open and YOURS! great pics.

Pat - Arkansas said...

A very nice cabin; well appointed. The lake is beautiful, as always, although it looks like the water level is a bit low... or is that my imagination?

I'm playing catch up on reading blogs, so my comments are about a week late.