Friday, October 16, 2009

Commonality of Cancer Post Script

Post Script:

I wish to thank all of you for your response to my heart felt post, Commonality Of The "Big C"

Support of suffering is a commonality of humanity.

Cancer is such an all encompassing disease because of its complexity . If it were a single cause like a virus we would have long since had a cure.

Our best researchers often concentrate on specific treatments rather than origins, for prevention, because it is easier, results and funding more likely.

The secret may lie in the genesis of a cell, and every normal cell in our body is not identical; it specially designed in complexity and use, a marvel of the Creator of the Universe.

Despite my ethic and moral beliefs, I personally believe the answer lies in stem cell research, for innumerable answers to a variety of disease states.

In the meantime, all we have is each other, and in our own way we have to help each other. Cancer is a weary, depressing disease in so many ways, to the afflicted person and the extended family of friends and family.

I fear a universal health plan will diminish research funds available and some of us will be denied some treatments. However, I have blog comments from Canada and Great Britain of subjects very satisfied with their care, so I am hopeful.

Despite the massive advertising of prescription drugs by "American" firms, these firms are largely conglomerates of national and international firms.

Guess what: those international firms are doing the majority of the research in countries with universal health care.The national firms merge for the benefits of new drug offerings without research expense.

Now I must go and may get another post-birthday shot in the butt which is causing havoc and destruction of my diet. I ate the freezer door last night.

Have new heart soup recipe I can eat all day, so swinging by grocery store for ingredients.....It IS NOT cabbage soup-I hate cabbage.

If the sun comes out HA HA HA I may have some FOTOs for FOTO FRIDAY!! If not may draw on some old images, maybe not all autumn.


Teacher's Pet said...

I can soooo relate to eating the freezer door.
I'm thankful for our communities of love...

Arkansas Patti said...

Sometimes I feel that Cancer is such a cash cow for the pharmaceutical companies that it is not smart to find a cure. Guess that is my frustration talking.
What ever shot you are getting, I don't want it. I can't afford a new refrigerator door.

Amber Star said...

What the heck happened to my earlier post?? hmmmm... Oh well, love and all. Was it the one about the cervical cancer or did I just fail to get the darned word right? *LOL*

Anyway, the critter on my page today is a SQUIRREL...I'm pretty sure you have seen one :o) Just maybe not one this small.

Ok..I'm going to try again to post this and hope it is ok.

If it was because of the part about cervical cancer being transmitted..that is based on studies done and they found Israeli women have a much lower risk of getting it. Also, I remember reading a treatise about a Mrs. Somebody or other...they were growing her cervical cells and the cancerous ones got EVERYWHERE in the lab! It has been so long since I've read that I wouldn't have any idea of where to start to support it.

I wasn't promiscuous, but my first husband....well, shall we say he enjoyed the ladies....a lot.

Lisa said...

I want you to know:

My father participated in a study 4 years ago...the "Cocktail" used to treat my father's "NONE" smokers lung cancer...((We think he contacted the lung cancer because of vitamin E use. ...Here is a web site for more information:

The study was to find how medication used for Colon cancer patients...reacted to lung cancer patients. This study prolonged my father's life by 4 years..4 years we are grateful for. It is also important that you know in the beginning June 2005 his cancer was labeled 3-B and he was given 3 months to live. He lived 4 wonderful years. We had wished for 4 more that was not to be.(Sob!)

and also importantly ((to Me anyway)): this study was done on (I think) 60 person from each cancer center in the country: The treatment was brutal but my father finished and survived. He was the only survivor ~ as far as we know HE was the only survivor from the study...and the treatment was passed. I am so proud of that.

There is HOPE out there. Cancer is not the immediate death sentence it use to be.

Also, all his past treatments were paid by medicare...The research $$$ was donated by the Susan G. Komen fund.

I just wanted you know....

Eating the Freezer door??? Was it covered in Chocolate? That I under understand.

NitWit1 said...

These are steroid shots for my non-smoking COPD asthma/bronchitis. I can take it orally too, but with the same results--really turns on the appetite--something I don't need.

AR Patti: You do have to wonder in our capitalistic society about profit motive!! As i've said before, if they can afford $30,000 or more /SECOND TV ads, they could better use those funds for research. I object to advertising prescription only drugs on TV. It is pure greed, competition and an insidious way to get us patients to ask our doctors for the latest thing coming down the pike, when an older product is just as effective.

Amber Star: I'm not sure about which post you are talking about, but you have a very good one on my other post by a similar name. Gotta go see the squirrel.

Lisa: so glad to have found you. Your info is interesting and I am going to check out VIt E. I take a low dose for my heart but may just quit. I understand all the Vit E you need is in one slice of bread, but I'm not a bread eater