Thursday, October 08, 2009


We had 4 inches of rain from about 10 p.m.Thursday to early this Friday a.m. Parts of town claimed 6 inches.

The cold front which collided with a much warmer front moved south of us and is drenching the rest of Arkansas, while moving eastward. Earlier in the week we had 2 inches 0f rain, so now, Friday, we've had 6 inches and one more day to go. The forecast is for at least two rainless days...wait and see is the key.

Update on Small Town Tragedy:
The weapon used in the murder/suicide did not belong to the alleged perpetrator. There is nothing to gain by speculation but to let the law enforcement agencies do their job. The only other clue printed in news releases is the manager's office gave the appearance of a scuffle occurring at some point.

Before this horrific event, there had been two restaurant break-ins and several residences. Small change or portable items of value were taken while larger items of much greater value were not. These events. some of which have been solved, point to the difficult economic times. However, in a small community where 55% of 2000+ population are above age 60, anxiety and vulnerability levels elevate with news of petty lawlessness or catastrophic events.

I shopped in the grocery store today and so did others. The store was closed for two days, and reopened Thursday. Employees were helpful. A local minister was located outside the building, seemingly to help those who need some counseling.

NOW A FEW PHOTOS-not anything special today. However, brief excursions between showers captured a few items of interest. I was impressed there were still wildflowers in full array. I missed several shots as I would have had to climb in and out of our open drainage ditches--not a good idea for 73 yr old 4'10" old lady with double knee prostheses.

Raindrops on Deer Netting
If this photo will enlarge, it looks more like tiny floralettes around each intersection of the netting material. The camera was perpendicular to the netting so the drops actually magnify the intersection of the netting.

Dogwood Assume Autumn Color
I have 3 Dogwoods, two of which indigenous to property: one with red berries, one without, which may indicate male/female dogwoods side and side. The third dogwooda pink/red) was planted this spring after we lost 8 mature trees the 1000 -year ice storm.

Poison Ivy Displays its Coat of Many Colors

Despite being a nemesis to most of us, poison ivy arrays tree trunks, fences, and
the ground in this vacant lot with color,ranging from yellow to crimson.

Red, White and Blue
I spotted these little delicate flower
next to the fire hydrant on my block.

Delicate White Flowers Macro
These are the same flowers as above by fire hydrant.

Sumac - Early Harbinger of Autumn*

I am known for not always focusing on the 'perfect' subject. Everything is perfect in the Creator's creation. We are the viewers with the imperfect eye.

The Redbud leaf under the post title has not begun to change to its usual yellow. Something has eaten the lower half of the leaf. It was taken at the same time and after the same rain shower as the deer netting.

*I am not a plant expert. This appears to be sumac. Usually sumac is found in clusters. There were a few sumac-like shrubs on this vacant lot.


Renie Burghardt said...

Well, we had the same exact weather as you. The rain finally stopped late this afternoon and it's getting cooler out. In our are, this cool fall is much earlier than normal, but then I'm in the most southern part of our state. They say a very cold winter is just around the corner. I'm not looking forward to it.

Not much crime around here either, knock on wood, just mainly petty stuff, and occassional meth labs!

Love the flowers. Yes, even the poison ivy/oak look pretty in their fall outfits. The dogwoods around here are glorios, and just my woods house hundreds of them. I have taken some pictures as well. I usually post a few on Facebook. I love the incoming colors, and since this hilly area is mostly forested still, we get lots of it.

I enjoyed visiting. Have a great weekend. They say it will be dry but cool.

lakeviewer said...

Love, love, love these pictures. You captured Autumn!

Arkansas Patti said...

Pretty sure your town is still reeling. One of the things that attracted me to this area was the low crime rate with just petty stuff. Murder is not petty and could set a town on its ear. Hard times push the fragile over the edge. We may see more such stressed behavior.
We are soaked also. Amazed you could find rainfree time to shoot. Loved the red, white and blue pic.
Yes, poison ivy is pretty in the fall.

Dimple said...

I also like the red, white and blue. We have had rain, wind, and sunshine during the last week, but mostly it has been COLD. 25 degrees on our porch this morning, which even this far north is unusual.

Sandi McBride said...

I'll take some of the rain off your hands...we're still down and need 5 inches to end the drought...and I suppose everyone is now finding out that even the details of a tragedy don't make it any easier to understand.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What absolutely beautiful photos you have captured here!!! Fall is my favorite season, and your photos are simply stunning...I would love to cover my walls with these!! Just lovely!!! The raindrops on the deer netting are simply stunning...I'm sorry, though, that you all are still contending with so much rain!!! And thanks for the update on the tragedy...I'm praying for you and the families hurt by this!!! Love to you, my dear friend!!! You made me smile great big smiles this morning as I read your stories ...oh, the hospital humor we could share, n'est-ce pas? ~Janine XOXO

Roxann said...


We had the same weather too. And I read about the Harps' incident on your blog. I'm sorry to hear about that happening. I don't think gun control would have helped this situation; but its sad to hear of it happening. I liked your fall pictures :)