Thursday, October 22, 2009


In the continuing monsoon weather and seemingly monsoons in our litany of ailments, today we head home from Springfield MO to Mountain Home AR to pick up Luckie, to Bull Shoals. We might as well leave Luckie at her spa as she goes back Monday for our next medical trip to Little Rock-VA clinic for Husband.

I am very excited about a gem of a cemetery I found in Springfield. Its name and the season, should tell all--Maple Park Cemetery. It was so breathtakingly beautiful there were bus tours. Ha! All you who think I am ghoulish for loving cemeteries in all seasons-there are people paying to tour this one.

I accidently saw this large old cemetery because Jezebel (my GPS) took me by it on the route to my medical appointment Wed. a.m. As I had to return the same route in the afternoon for a second appointment, I was loaded for bear (took my trusty little Canon, even though I longed for my NIKON).

After the appointment, I drove to it and spent an hour snapping and absorbing the beauty of the trees. There just enough evergreens to enhance the color of the maples.

I also bought a new photo editing program at Sam's, Photoshop Elements, which I hope to make an album you can click on. I must have made 50 or so photos.

I'm not likely to have it all ready for Friday, but I bet I can snip one or two out for their beauty. In my books a maple tree does not need an artist.

The nicest part of this cemetery is its paved, winding driving path, and a few gravel routes. I could stop the SUV, leave it running (it is a hybrid--doesn't use gas when in park mode), get out and take a few shots, drive a little further, and repeat the process. It was as if the design was made for this old lady with shortness of breath, difficulty in walking, but a love of Nature, still in her old, still beating heart.

I needed something to lift my spirits and God provided me a bonus!

We both are feeling our age, especially with so many medical appointments crammed in a short period of time, and in a season that is known more for joy and thanksgiving. We have so many, I really do not know how we will have the strength for our usual seasonal activities.

And with so many unusual things popping up, like Vitamin D deficiency---geez -- it seems something else is just around the corner lurking.

But Wednesday, for a tiny length of time I experienced joy again at the beauty of the universe.


lakeviewer said...

Love that you found a beautiful cemetery.

Arkansas Patti said...

Sure is hard to pick up natures D with these all day rains. Just got run off the porch where I was spritzed out of my hammock while listening to the down pour. I do like to watch it rain. It beats housework.
Glad you found the neat cemetary and I will look forward to the pictures. There are so many untold stories there.
Do you make up stories to go with the grave headstones? I find my self doing just that.
Hope all tests went well.

Cheffie-Mom said...

enJOYing the beauty of the universe is awesome!! I'm glad you had a wonderful day!!

Dimple said...

Many cemeteries are attractive, peaceful parks. When I was growing up there were two nearby where my siblings and I used to play.

Renie Burghardt said...

What a lovely post, Carol. I love to discover old cemeteries, guarded by huge, old trees.

I've been put on Vit. D therapy as well, so we'll see what that does.
At my age, I view every day as a gift from God, and aim to enjoy it to the fullest.

Speaking of monsoons, there is one still going strong outside my window. Rainiest fall that I remember in some time.

Take care!

Teacher's Pet said...

I with you! I'm so happy that you found a peaceful and lovely place to smile and enjoy God's wonders. I, too, love visiting a cemetery (that word is hard to spell!)...and I always took my students to a National Cemetery when we studied the Civil War. We learned a lot...and it is a lovely place to be....nothing ghoulish at all about one, to me. I send you hugs and warm smiles tonight.
Love from Jackie

Lorna said...

you experienced joy, and I shared it. thanks.