Friday, October 23, 2009


We arrived home about 1;30 P.M. today (Thurs.), after retrieving Luckie from her spa, and enduring the nearly 4-hour drive. It really wasn't monsoon level, but after such a wet year, including our 1000-year ice storm, it seems like it.

Even in the rain, the landscape was beautifully wrapped in its coat of many colors.

Wednesday morning I left LaQuinta Inn at dawn for the pathology lab to complete tests ordered by the endocrinologist before my appointment at 1:15 p.m. A beautiful sunrise greeted me as I approached my car so I flipped out my Canon and captured it. In a large city there is not nearly the scenic sunrise setting as in a rural or marine setting, but city folks deserve a beautiful sunrise, too.

I passed the lovely Maple Park Cemetery en route to my destination, thanks to Jezebel, my nagging GPS. She really is a pain when I refuse her suggested route: "at one tenth mile take a right and then a left," or "make U-turn immediately." Geez! a U-turn in the middle of a roundabout?! Whose smarter or safer, Jeze or me??? These are instructions Jezebel uses to coerce me to her designated route.

But today I obeyed her every word and was rewarded with this lovely find of a picturesque old cemetery in autumn blazing glory of hundreds of maple trees.
Following my afternoon appointment, I headed to the cemetery. I was so pleased it had paved paths wide enough for two vehicles, as well as a few gravel paths. A busload of visitors were enjoying the serene beauty. I could easily stop and exit the SUV, take a few photos, and move on, to repeat the procedure.

Today I'm posting two out of about 70 cemetery photos, plus a reminder we drove home in monsoon weather!!!
I hope these photos enlarge, if desired. I scheduled these posts and cannot consistently check them until they are published.

I hope all of you have lovely weekends. We are leaving for Little Rock Monday after (1) I do TeleCare, (2) repair man fixes ice dispenser, (3) I have a special council meeting, (4) we deliver Luckie back to the spa (5)and hopefully I have washed enough clothes to pack, all before noon.

We will bed driving south in Arkansas so I'm hoping for more autumn color. It is peak color in the northern tier of counties. The progression south is fascinating to me. I watched the same progression from Baltimore to South Carolina 40 years ago.


faye said...

Lovely photos. The Fall colors are
Ethel ( my GPS ) must be related to
Jezebel... she is a nagger of the
first magnitude.

boots said...

wow what beautiful tree colors and I love your description of being wrapped in color! safe travels

Teacher's Pet said...

I love the shot in the mirror...beautiful!
Continued safe trip for you...
Smiles from Jackie

Arkansas Patti said...

Those GPS ladies barely hide their irritation with you do they.
You have much prettier colors than we do. Of course brown, rust and pale yellow are colors so I am not complaining yet.
Liked your mirror shot.
Have a safe trip.

NitWit1 said...

Those of you commenting about GPS! Have you ever heard one that is a male voice?

You would think they are female voices because men use them more but why not make them a tad seductive like, "Turn left at 1/4 mile and come with me to the casbah?"

Cancel that thought. The man might have a wreck...... <:o)>

AR Patti: I think color will peak this weekend in your area. I am looking foward to the drive to LR around the Buffalo River. It ought to be peak.

These pictures were in MO north of me; it is a tad past peak. It is probably peak here but trees sustained so much ice damage I am amazed we have any color.

Liz said...

I love cemeteries too, and that one does look especially gorgeous.

Dimple said...

Beautiful shots, especially the one in the mirror--fall colors surrounded by fall colors! Thanks for visiting my sky post.

Lorna said...

As always, I am in awe of your photo skills...

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh Carol, you continue to be in my prayers...and I hope the outcome of all these medical tests/appointments is encouraging news and genuine help!!! Your photography, as always, is breathtakingly beautiful!!! I absolutely agree with Jackie!!! The photograph in the mirror is simply superb!!!! Have a safe trip!!! Can't wait for you to return!!! Love to you~Janine XO

Amber Star said...

hmm...I'd thought I wanted one of those gps things, but not now. I have enough things telling me what to do.

I would have taken a blanket with me to that very early appointment. I really don't like having to get up early for anything.

Take care driving to your next round of tests.