Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where Have I Gone?

Over the next three weeks, Husband (H) and I will be grudgingly in travel mode.

This week, Oct. 20-22 ,we have a 3-day trip to Springfield, MO for my appointment with endocrinologist which includes tests to see if my perceived Vit. D deficiency is correcting itself, or we have to pursue another diagnosis. Of course, there is the obligatory shopping and Luckie boards at her spa.

Then Oct 26-28 we will be in Little Rock, AR for H's hearing and ear checkup.....and more obligatory shopping, plus Luckie boards at her spa.

On Nov. 4 H, Best Friend and I see our allergy/asthma specialist, also in Little Rock, one day trip. And more obligatory shopping, but Luckie stays home.

Additionally, all of us seem to have a backlog of 6-month appointments with this that and some other physicians in November, including my oncologist.

I'm thinking of hibernation the rest of the year [no Thanksgiving or Christmas] if I live through all these physicians and tests. I don't know how we got in such a mess in one month.

So no telling when or what you will find in this space for awhile. My trusty notebook accompanies me everywhere, as does at least one camera. There is a new Sam's Club in Springfield near our lodging. I'm sure I'll check that out.

Maybe I'll post a Mickey Mouse movie! sing M-I- C-K-E-Y....M-O-U-S-E!

Who knows? I'm sure I'll post something, but the journalistic who, when, where and why probably not apply? Stay tuned for a wild ride.

However, today I am posting a YouTube modern hymn, I've learned to love. My bio indicates a love of gospel which usually means traditional. However, H and I have moved into a universalist emerging church philosophy which embraces new as well as old religious music.

This is one of my favorite new songs. The title is THE HIGHEST PLACE. [one of these days I'll learn to post these with more than a link, if I am ever free from appointments!]

Post Script: Apologies to those who cannot understand the YouTube link: It is the in ENGLISH but is some mission group in India and the only clip I could find of the song. The melody and English words are on the screen are correct.


Teacher's Pet said...

I don't know...
But I miss you.

Anonymous said...

It is almost amazing how close the colors on your photo and those I post on my canon blog, match. I was surprised.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

I wish you good reports and keep us imformed? :)

lakeviewer said...

Doctors' appointments fill our dancing cards these days. The new tests for Vitamin D deficiency seem to be the rage everywhere. I guess we ought to get out and play in the sun more often.

Amber Star said...

Hi NW-1,
Didja go around the bend...looking at the photo made me wonder. So the appts. get more and stack up. Something more to look forward to, I guess. I think most of mine are in 2010, and I tell you I never thought I'd be alive in 2010!

Your picture is so nice with the leaves changing. Ours haven't changed much yet. It has only been a little cool in the past few days.

I was surprised about the You Tube when it came up...that it was sung in Hindi or some language. Very interesting. There is usually a place that gives the html code to embed the You Tube down at the bottom on the right.

Hope all your tests come back with an A+ on them.

Teacher's Pet said...

It's me again. I posted the first commetn (Oct 17 @ 9:33 P.M.)...when there wasn't a blog there...just the title...and I did miss you! I'm glad to see that you have posted...and I pray for a safe trip for you and your husband...and as you go from appointment to appointment (and get some shopping in, my friend!)...please take the best care of you. My thoughts are with you, and I hope you find what is causing the problem(s)...I truly do. Know that I'm thinking of you...and look forward to your safe return. Smiles to you from Jackie

Lorna said...

that music post is so intriguing---I waant to know all about every one of those singers and about their religious journeys.

Arkansas Patti said...

Good luck with all your appts. and hope you get wonderful reports. I'm sure Luckie will also be glad when they are over.
Lovely song though my ISP has such slow DSL speeds that videos are a pain to watch. Grrr. Small towns do have drawbacks.

Cheffie-Mom said...

You are in my thoughts. Hugs and blessings!!

Amber Star said...

I was right! You are on the road again today! Hope you have a pleasant drive and the tests come out ok. When I had bloodwork done my Vit D level was half of what it should be. I told him that couldn't be! I get out in the sun, but you know..we are all wearing sunblock these days...and while I was feeling so awful the great outdoors was just that.. and not with me so much. Drive safely and just enjoy everything around you. :o)

faye said...

Love the comment that you will be grudgingly in travel mode.
Been there..done that.
Good luck with all the tests and
obligatory shopping...
post when you can...

Liz said...

For my inlaws every week seems to have more than its share of doctors' appointments! Hope all yours went/go well.

NitWit1 said...

Thanks for all the comments. The idea popped into my numbskull after my birthday where I read who was born on a that day.

If you are interested, Google any given day and or Wikipedia, among others will probably come up with a list.

The UnAmerican Committee was a big thing when I was in middle and high school. I never was at peace with the smearing of names and damning of reputations.

Have you ever belonged to anything you thought was a good cause, idea, etc. and later discovered there was a so-called hidden agenda with which you did not agree?

I would have to hold up my hand! Fortunately I wasn't in the national spotlight, but it might have been me.

Have good day. I have two medical appts. I'm sitting in LaQuinta Inn as I write.

Fixin' to get dressed and wander out to the car, set Jezebel (my GPS navigator) to my designation and see if the nagging voice will get me there.