Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monsoons- Round 2

Below is the e-mail I sent my closest friends a few hours ago, all of whom live in my hometown, and after this may not be deemed my closest friends as we are all weary of rain. However, if we don't keep a little humor about it we will all be nutz, nutz, nutz, and depressed.

It certainly is not helping my bronchitis which seems headed toward the BIG P (pneumonia) which I get without fever, without severe symptoms, basically walking and shortness of breath, with this aching across various levels of my upper back, indicating where it is moving about, I guess.

SO LET ME HAVE A LITTLE FUN WITH THE RAIN WITHOUT FLAMING ME. If some of you bloggies haven't seen rain in awhile, photos included. Those of you who are sick of the subject, delete, delete, delete.

E-Mail to three friends a few hours ago:
We left house 12 noon. It was raining.
We arrived All Creatures Vet. Hosp. about 12:30 p.m; they were busy; boarded Luckie. It was raining.
We left ACVH about 1:05 p.m. It was raining.
We stopped briefly in Marshall for pit stop. It was raining.
We arrived at Ryan's in Conway about 3:15 p.m. It was raining.
We are now at La Quinta Inn, checked in 4:45 p.m.. It was raining.
It is 6:38 p.m. and it is still raining.
And tomorrow is a 90% sure bet it will still be raining.

It was hard to tell about autumn color, except near the Buffalo River and between Bokinburg and Clinton, but not very vibrant. However, with the RAIN, mist and foggy haze it was hard to tell about autumn color.

If you don't get the picture:
I've attached a few photos. I'm sure I could have saved my e-mail space, but don't want you to forget rain when we have drought next summer.

We both are worn out. I have the aching across my back that may indicate more than bronchitis. It moves around a bit. Have dull headache, no fever.Shelly is already zonked out, too.

A Mexican restaurant has opened next to motel. I doubt I'll eat there as Shelly hates Mex. food. We are in this boat together, and I think with the weather we should have come in a boat!

This last"raining" picture is my favorite STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CAMERA with windshield wiper almost perfectly diagonal...somehow appealed to me and just about said it all...a dreary, tiresome 150+ ride from Bull Shoals to Little Rock in the rain. Only thing to be thankful..it was not ice, snow or fog.

If you missed my last post, It is blazing with color and is below this post. It might lift your spirits more, even if it was taken in a cemetery.


Arkansas Patti said...

You know if I didn't have transition lenses, I know I would not be able to find my sunglasses. No need.
I have been in too many droughts in Florida (once the news carried daily news of Florida in Flames) that I really don't complain about rain.
I would like to get out of the house though. There is only so much house cleaning you can do. Maybe I will take a walk in the rain today. That really is fun though my neighbors will wear them selves out offering rides.
Loved your rain shots.
Please, please, take care of the pending pneumonia.

Dimple said...

I hope you feel better very soon! Rest, drink rosehip tea!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

I HATE to drive in the rain!!!
Hope you feel better SOON !!! :)

lakeviewer said...

Rain Uh? We could have a contest here.

faye said...

Tell me you were not driving and
taking photos at the same time ....
well.. I am guilty of that ,so I can't yell at you too much...
be careful.

Teacher's Pet said...

I do hope that you don't get pneumonia...take care of you, please.
I like the rain....just not as much as you are getting. Photos of the rain are pretty to me...
Get better soon...
Smiles from Jackie