Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Today provided one of life's little pleasures, an unanticipated moment, at least for this old lady (old beating heart, but often metaphorically young at heart.)

Thursday was one of those days. I had a flu shot on Wednesday, even though I had chronic bronchitis. My physician OK'd the shot. Its effect plus other meds did not make for a "feeling well" day Thursday (nor Friday).

After stopping at City Hall to pick up city related mail and small stipend for the previous month's work, I made a pass by the bank drive-thru to cash the check. Then I drove to an overlook to make the "landmark on Bull Shoals Dam" shots for FOTO FRIDAY before returning home.

I did not lock my SUV for the short photo session.

Once home I decided to count my cash--OOPS-- $5 short. I called the bank, but the drive-thru teller, a friend, left for the day. The friendly teller who answered my call said the teller balanced for the day. Short of breath, I left the house to the SUV twice to see if it slipped out of the envelope. NOPE!

However, I reasoned if some one was going to steal $5, why not take the whole $45 envelope? It was all there for the taking.

Friday I vegetated with laptop and TV. However, my friendly teller called to tell me she had realized the shortage after I drove away; my $5 was safely in an envelope awaiting another drive-thru by me. NOT FRIDAY!

Saturday, I trekked to the SUV for a trip to WalMart and a few needed groceries for Life Group Potluck.

Bad news! the Start Battery was DEAD (this is a Hybrid). I had not shut the driver's door after Thursday's searches . Husband charged it up and I completed my shopping. However, I noted the backup camera and sensors were non- functioning.

Saturday and Sunday are not days to search for an automotive electronics expert, so it was the main task for today, Monday. With two phone calls I found an expert in Mountain Home, about a 30 minute round trip from home.

Access to his location was difficult, requiring a left turn across a 2-lane US highway with an intersection. The proprietor gave me directions to his business which avoided the potential traffic hazards with which I was familiar.

I knew the directions but seldom used the route; today I did. There were several photo ops along this route. I had my recently purchased "car camera" with me (Canon PowerShot A1000IS).

However, I continued to my destination. The expert fixed the problem in less than 30 minutes. I hardly understood a word he or his lovely wife said, but he only charged me a minimum fee. I profusely thanked them.

Knowing I would return the same route, I turned on the Canon. One spot was a beautiful large pond with many geese and ducks. I thought I saw two swans but they were so far away, I'm not sure. I doubt swans could winter here.

Safely parking the car, I stepped through a multitude of down feathers--must be shedding time--toward the pond. Geez! these ducks were not timid. I was besieged withraucous quackery, no doubt thinking I brought afternoon treats. The geese stayed on the opposite side of the pond, not accessible with vehicle or camera.

Two sets duck scouts waddled out of the water in a hurry to check me out, followed by two small patrols marching in duck squad formation.

This photo op stop made my otherwise mundane day! I paused to enjoy the moment with the quackers. I'm sure the ducks expected treats, but I had none.

I proceeded further up the street, turned around and came back by the quacker squadron lined up along the road with puzzled looks. Glad they weren't armed, or I might have been in trouble.

Then I stopped to make a scenic rustic post and hay bales I spotted as I turned on to the busy US highway toward home.

[The pond is worth a second trip with NIKON and the longer telephoto!]

PHOTOS [I gotta learn how to place captions one of these days]

Top to Bottom: (1) Rustic Post + Round Hay Bales; (2) Quacker Scouts #1; (3) Quacker Scouts #2; (4) Quacker Patrol Squad #1; (5) Quacker Patrol Squad #2.

I hope these photos will enlarge with click or double click. I tried a new technique in placing them.


Arkansas Patti said...

I really like that post and hay bails. That is framable.
Your little quackers are darling. I would have had to go to the store and get them some bread. People like me are what makes beggers out to nice birds.
Did not know that about hybrids. I am not sure around here that anyone could work on one.
Glad you are over your flu shot ickies.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

I love seeing hay bales in a field and the smell is awesome!

jinksy said...

Those were some nosey ducks!

Anonymous said...

What a day this was. I bet you kicked back and put your feet up and said, "Shucks."

Sandi McBride said...

Your day sounds much like mine...the beauty in them often diffuses the pure hell of parts of them...love the birds. We have a lovely Swan Lake in Sumter, SC...I intend to make it down for the Iris Festival next Spring so I can post pics of the Swans amongst the Iris! Great post!

NitWit1 said...

I loved writing this post yesterday afternoon.

Before completing it a tragedy happened in my little town. A husband of the former assistant manager entered our local grocery store, asked to speak to manager in his office, pulled a handgun and killed the manager and then himself. Will writ a short story on it when I collect my wits.

We knew some relatives of the two parties.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Oh,Carol! I am so sorry about the homicide-suicide; what a tragedy!
My thoughts and prayers go out to the survivors on both sides.

After that piece of news, it seems somewhat unfeeling to comment on your duck photos, but they enlarged beautifully. Whatever you did in uploading them worked fine.

lakeviewer said...

You've got a lot of energy even after your flu shot. The quackers are delightful.

Lorna said...

Last night I drove along the Ottawa River just before dinnertime. I was startled to see about 300 geese in one of the riverside parks, just getting themselves fattened up for the trip south. We have a lot of geese, but I don't think I'd seen such a gaggle before