Friday, October 30, 2009


No Speeding While Tailgating this Guy!

Smacko Macaroons! The sun is shining at 3 pm. Friday. Maybe I can deliver my City Newsletter Saturday without getting wet.

I wonder what we have in store Wednesday Nov. 4, when my Best Friend, Husband and I again return to Little Rock for asthma/allergy/COPD appointment? It could be worse. Denver is buried in an early snowstorm, the heavy stuff.

There is another Little Rock trip to VA Hearing Clinic where we will spend Thanksgiving Day. I've made reservations at a different LaQuinta Inn--maybe we won't have to play Tango with the Toilet at this one. We have an additional "T" word to go with Tango with the Toilet. I'll leave that for you to fill in.

Poor Luckie! She gets to spend Turkey Day at her UNfavorite spa. The boarding attendants love her, but she is less than happy when I leave her. She knows what strings to pull, so you feel guilty the entire time she is boarding. It is one of those heart-breaking looks she knows usually works on me.

Today's photos could be entitled Straight Out Front of Husband's Pickup because all of them were taken on our drive home from Little Rock to Bull Shoals.

Husband was driving. He calls my right front seat, the Right Front Seat Driver without Steering Wheel. I guess I give too many instructions; I missed my calling as Driver Education Instructor!

Picturesque country community church and old building in Marion County

This photo was close to being Straight Out of the Camera, until I decided to take a small portion off right side.
Small community between Conway and Clinton, Arkansas
Along U.S. Highway 65, Heading Home

Runaway Truck Ramp between Botkinburg and Marshall, Arkansas

There are a few runaway ramps in Arkansas. I have seen an empty stock trailer in this sandpit. Obviously, animals, if the trailer was loaded, and the towing vehicle were removed. I cannot imagine what kind of shock the force of coming to such a sudden, complete stop from a high speed. There is no plowing, or skidding in the deep sand. It is one complete, sudden stop. Whomp!


faye said...

Love the photos...
very nice glimpses into your

I had to smile at the first photo of the trooper's car.... several years ago a deputy used following to close as an excuse for giving a
ticket because I wasn't using my seat belt... that was before buckling up was a law.....

Teacher's Pet said...

These are great photographs...and seeing as how they were taken through the windshield, they are spectacular. I understand about beint the passenger without the steering wheel...been there and done that.
Sounds like you will be traveling on some snoy roads on Wednesay.
I hope that Luckie has a good day on Thanksgiving...even if she is at the 'spa'...I'm sure she'll be pampered.
You mentioned runaway ramps...the first time I saw one, it scared me to death...thinking, "Why does this road need one..."...and...what if our brakes give out....and...on and on. I'm used to seeing them now...but the first one was a heart stopper.
Be careful on your trip to Little trip!

Lisa said...

What beautiful pictures! Have a wonderful trip to Little Rock.

Thank you so much for suggesting the book...I can't wait for your review.

13 year survivor...That is so wonderful! I didn't know.

This cancer thing just stinks!

My father fought so hard for so long...I can proudly say even though he died ~ I feel he moved up and is still fighting in prayer for a cure to end all cancers.

I hope you have wonderful trip.