Friday, October 16, 2009


A dollar short and a day late, or is it a day late and a dollar short?

Everything went wrong with my FOTO FRIDAY post last night. I have a hard time with photos, anyway. I have not learned the ins and outs of HTML. Obviously, I focus on other subjects!

Because of inclement weather and some chronic health problems photography has taken a back seat, but I had a couple of shots. I drove down my street and took what I called "Autumn from the Car Window," not too creative, but the point is to enjoy your hobbies, despite the constraints of health and age.

Then because I have an old portfolio of positive slide photography, I tried copying them by photographing them, that was not very successful. Even using a diffuser over my on-camera flash, there was some discernible "flash burn" on the "copy: of the print plus room light was not balanced. Guess I need to investigate another method to accomplish this further. I have a scanner with a slide copier attachment, but results have not been acceptable. The portfolio has some of my best works 20 years ago. I noticed the vibrancy of some of the prints have dulled, which was a tad depressing.

All of this was squished between daily duties, some annoying political events, shopping and a general grumpy day after another butt shot.

In early evening I began to compose the post. I almost had it done when it disappeared--I mean totally disappeared from the face of the earth! @#^&*+&%$#@!

So today I'm belatedly posting ONE photo not even taken by me. It was taken with my new little toy, Canon PowerShot A1000IS by a friend at the October Monthly Healthways Silver Sneakers Birthday Party.

I love this MSRO exercise class as it is designed for all levels of elderly conditions and I've made a lot of friends, some of which I've know from other levels of my 30 years here. Of course my political connections engage me in a lot of conversations I'd just as soon avoid, the most common of which, is "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH......?"

Silver Sneakers October 2009 Birthday Party
L-R: Dorothy, Connie, Ruby, John, Carol

Yep, that short (4' 9.75") fat (despite 25# less) 73 year old lady on the right is me. [BTW Dorothy, Left is 89! Hope I am still standing erect at 89, much less exercising!]

Careful on emphasis of "short" as my lack of height makes me eligible for Little People of America. I fear I might become indentured to work on the Rolof pumpkin farm which could probably use a few migrant workers now.

I love pumpkin....only in can or baked goods. How it gets there sounds like back breaking labor to me.

Everyone have a great weekend!!!


jinksy said...

I dig that halloween T-shirt!

lakeviewer said...

I'm right behind you, in years. You're all doing the right moves.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Your photo made me smile!!! And I love your orange, halloween T! Terrific! All my love to you! ~Janine XO

Renie Burghardt said...

I'm right behind you in age as well. Just a few more weeks and I'll be 73. And at 5 foot, I'm not that much taller than you. Love the orange t-shirt with the black cat. Exercise is good for us at any age, proviging we can manage 5 minutes of it. I mainly do a lot of walking. My 4 acre field has a good path all around it, so I use that, or we walk in town at the riverside park.

Anyway,good picture. Have a great Sunday.

Teacher's Pet said...

I love your spunk!...and you look great! I'm sorry that you couldn't get your photos...but glad you posted the one you did! I get to know you better.

Arkansas Patti said...

Loved your Silver Sneakers shot. Like it that there is a guy in the group. Dorothy sure gives us all something to shoot for.
Don't your just hate it when you go toe to toe with Blogger and it wins?
Guess the challenge is good for us.

NitWit1 said...

Glad my orange shirt stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb.

The nice thing about Silver Sneakers is the comaraderie, and yes, there are some men. In fact a couple of them are comics and try to get our leader mixed up on counts. I, of course, love it, perverse sense of humor that I have.