Sunday, May 03, 2009

Foodaholic Anonymous - Membership of Two - Progress Report

Same song, second verse; could be better, but it's gonna get worse! -- the way we said it when I was a kid. Another version went "same song second verse: a little bit louder, and a whole lot worse!"

I am updating Luckie's and my Battle of the Bulge. My solution for controlled starvation (my definition for diet) is controlled food portions for us both.

Since it seems to behoove me, as chief cook and bottle washer, to control both our food portions, Luckie and, at least temporarily, myself are making some inroads. She is maintaining in the area of 39 lbs., her veterinarian's recommended weight.

Since Dec. 31 I've lost 20 lbs. and holding, by joining Weight Watchers (WW) on-line as my "counselor" and guide. I would prefer to attend an area WW meeting in a community 17 miles from my home, but I do not drive at night.

I've used many diets under many names and lost weight. WW, however, promotes a balanced, reasonable, food program for life. Yeah! I know, it is a franchise, and they make money; I know several other "diet" franchises that cost much more . I've known successful WWs who take WW's program and adjust it to their life style, whether counting points or calories, deliberate, honest portion control, or an innate sense of body caloric need.

There are two mantras for my success; (1) brutal self-honesty (2) "you gotta wanna!" They should be tattooed on my forehead.

In my blog I will mention WW, my struggles, successes or failures, but I'm not into meals, menus, recipes and cooking for on-line regular digestion. If you enjoy light recipes and light dining with a somewhat exotic flair, visit a fellow blogger, Sweetie Pie . She has original ideas to keep things interesting. Read her bio for inspiration to keep trying to lose--it will energize you.

Other WW bloggers I follow: A Losing Battle , Bella on the Beach ,and Happy Texans . Search Blogger, Wordpress or search engines for Weight Watcher Blogs. There are 100s.

I hate cooking; at my house it requires two meals, one for my 15 lb. underweight husband and one for the umpteen lb. overweight me! --Oh yes, feeding Luckie morning and evening.

Currently I seem h
xed by the word "plateau," a nice word for "stuck in the middle of nowhere." This disgusting enigma has lasted three weeks, up ½ lbs., down ½ lbs. ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

When you are short (defined by me as under 5 ft.) and obese ( over 200 lbs. starting weight), 20 lbs. less is not dramatic nor noticed by many people. Yes, I'm still fat, but not as fat, in fact, 20 lbs. less fat. A few kind individuals at church who are aware of my efforts, do pause to compliment me.

Oh well, one consolation is I am getting back into some of my "less fat" fat clothes.

Meanwhile, Luckie is enjoying her svelte figure and same old wardrobe!

Maybe I have it all wrong. I should eat kibbles with Luckie!


Arkansas Patti said...

Cute post and very relatable.
Think the reason Luckie is doing so well is that if we had someone 5 times our size setting our dinner in front of us and saying,"this is all you get, deal with it." then we could lose also.
I can control Mighty Dog's weight easily, except for the worm jerky nature provides him. Worms evidently are not fattening.
I have done WW and think they are the best program out there. May have to revisit them also. Even if you are at a plateau, that means you are not gaining.
Why do men always get the good metabolisms??

Amber Star said...

Congrats on losing the 20! That is a lot. I've been thinking of joining WW after seeing how nice Maribeth at Dackel Princess is looking. She has very high praise for how she has changed in the past year. Hang in will get past the plateau.