Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten Fries Short of a Happy Meal

Nitwit, dimwit, halfwit, twit....guess you know where I am going with this!

Believe it or not...there are web sites devoted to differentiation between the nuances of these nouns all of which infer a degree of deficiency in intellect and/or common sense. One such site,
What Are The Differences Between A "Nitwit", "Halfwit", And A "Dimwit", is one such post on Yahoo Answers and the source of the title of this post - ten fries short of a Happy Meal. When I was younger, we had a similar saying - 'his elevator is stuck in the basement.'

There are at least 29 words which are synonyms or nouns with essentially the same meaning: nimcompoop, ignoramus,dolt, idiot, moron, etc.

A number of my bloggers, siblings and friends have asked why I have chosen a self-depracating screen name of NitWit1. My siblings called me the "egghead" of the family. It is an old family joke, of sorts.

Although raised in a somewhat austere atmosphere where behavior was adjudicated by Mother, she did allow us, at times, to behave like kids goofy, goony, silly. When the silliness's became more than Mother could tolerate, which usually included being too loud for her migraines, she often said, "Stop acting like a bunch of nitwits!"

Nimcompoop and ignoramus were other members of her chiding, but loving vocabulary. "Nitwit" stuck with me all of my 70+ years, and now in my older age, sometimes I think it may be applicable - like when I absentmindedly put the vanilla extract in the freezer, or place my clean lingerie in a different dresser drawer.

In my computer environment, especially Internet and e-mail, it seems a screen name is needed for every activity: 'Please provide a name for this COMPUTER, NETWORK, DISPLAY NAME,' etc. I tired of remembering a myriad of names for three to six computers in the house, including a handheld. Each unit, except my husband's, is NitWit1, NitWit2, etc. An earlier Windows version required your Networks be named; hence Nitwits.

I blame those egghead twits at Microsoft who created this convoluted scheme to mind boggle -dare I say - the dimwits struggling with various versions of the capricious Windows operating system.

I know....too many nitwits, ten fries short of a Happy Meal!


Arkansas Patti said...

Very funny and answers my unasked question. Thanks. My oldest brother used those very words to get his siblings attention. Nincompoop was his favorite.
I have been unable to leave another message on the blog where you awarded me that lovely award. When I checked to review some of the rules, I see where my comment did not print. Now, I can't get on. I get "unable to access page" alert "Operation aborted." I know I left one to tell you how much I was flattered to be considered for such a grand award and how much I thought you deserved it for I really enjoy you blogs. I must not have hit the right button for I am not there.
So let me thank you again. That was really an impressive award though one I am not sure I can begin to justify. Thank you so much for thinking I do. Am still thinking how to answer the rules.

Amber Star said...

I'd wondered about your screen name and I won't even begin to tell you how I got mine....it is a long story and certainly not very interesting.

Congratulations on your weight loss at WW. It takes so much longer to get it off. It is one of those sad things in life. I figure I'll tackle weight loss after I get to feeling a little better and that prolly won't be this summer.

NitWit1 said...
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NitWit1 said...

NitWit1 said...
Thanks AR Patti and Amber Star.

For those wondering about my recent medical tests, I've passed the biggy for now (CT), the mammogram has to be repeated (this has happened in the past) and the bone density demands some aggressive alternative treatments. I had DC'd my once a month pill--too much stomach problems.

Have two more today but not as apprehensive about these.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

You are always a delight to visit! Love the title of this post!!! So funny...you are such a wit! I've given you the award, "This Blog Has Heart" because in your blog you continually demonstrate authenticity, and compassion. You touch my heart every time I visit. Visit my blog event to pick up your award! I am so glad you're my friend! ~Janine XO

Lorna said...

I feel like I started something....