Monday, May 18, 2009

Luckie's Unscheduled SunDAY

Luckie expects an apology from us for disrupting her unorthodox, adventurous Sunday routine.

I do
PHOTOHUNT on Saturday; Luckie does a different kind of hunt on Sunday. It's called SUNDAY "TERRORIZE THE HOUSE HUNT." See Catch-up Weekend and Luckie's Latest Sins , Luckie - Home Alone: Graze or Hunt.

Sunday my husband (H) suffered from minor intestinal distress and stayed home, while I attended church services. Usually we regularly attend together.

Because Luckie was not ALONE, she did not receive her usual, huge, sinful stash of dogie treat bribery - our anemic attempt to persuade her to forgo her Sunday adventure of graze and hunt indoors. As I am the designated bribe provider, she displayed pouting behavior to me all day Sunday, until her evening feeding. I guess all is forgiven when the food dish is filled!

She seemed bamboozled the whole day, as if her internal biological calendar and clock had malfunctioned. I hope we don't need a canine psychologist to straighten her out. Maybe she can adjust to adding another day to her weekly calendar, called UnSunDay.

Does she know when SUNDAY comes around? You can bet on it! She sees us both dressing at the same time. She begins impatiently pacing between me and the cabinets holding her treats. I call this canine blackmail. Finally, I dump an humongous serving on the floor as I walk out the door after my husband.

Yesterday, NADA, NOTHING! Starvation mode in full swing. Hope her ego is not scarred for life!

After all, we have a few prerequisites and rules with which Luckie must comply. HA! Fat chance that bucket holds water when our guilt complexes are activated by her deceitfully sweet demeanor.


Amber Star said...

Oh my...they really do get into a habit very quickly. Our little cat is disturbed when the time just messes her all up when it just isn't time for us to be doing whatever it is we do. She is pretty put out for a while. Sort of like me when daylight savings time rolls around.

Arkansas Patti said...

Boy they do know don't they? Mighty knows when I pick up my purse that he had better do his best dance and begging to get taken along "wherever."
Luckie really has you trained and I love it.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Amusing story which I completely understand. My dogs (now all deceased) would go into major sulk when I applied any form of scent, because they knew I was going o.u.t.! The cats now react similarly to the sound of the car keys jingling in my hand. Dumb animals? I think not!!