Monday, May 04, 2009


Often early in the morning I think over the things the day will provide, and of course, what to eat.

After considerable mulling over my current dietary curse, the "plateau," the color WHITE came to mind. That's it--I have allowed too many "bad" carbohydrates, i.e., mostly starches, back into my diet. My curse has been carbs, which, in general, do not metabolize in my dietary plumbing.

Today I am carefully retooling my choices where whole grain choices of carbs are included in very limited amounts and limited sugars. Sugar of some sort is hidden in lots of stuff, even whole grain breads.

Another dietary factor associated with the color WHITE is FIBER. Products with a lot of refined or processed starches, have little or NO fiber. FIBER is important for many dietary digestive functions.

It is a maze to negotiate the food choices at our various markets as I am not a scratch cook--I am not a cook...period. However, careful nutrition label reading is helpful. For example KASHI® brand cereals, frozen foods, snack bars and their entire product line is known to have a higher ratio protein and fiber, to comparable products.

Nabisco® Wheat Thins Fiber Select (Kraft Foods Global Products) is a new product in two flavors, original wheat or vegetable; whole wheat grain flour is first ingredient and each serving has 5 grams fiber.

Recently Splenda® sugar substitute has added fiber to its 1-serving packets.

It is probably too late to see if this is rectifies the scale day (Weds.) but certainly there is no time like NOW to start. I also need to increase activity. My Silver Sneaker class is changing time, which is a mild inconvenience for me.

Stop by May 13 for results, in blogging terms... follow me!!!


Arkansas Patti said...

Good when we can spot those culprits. White (sugar) is mine. You have all the keys in place. Thanks for giving me the incentive to get off my butt also. Keep us posted.

Amber Star said...

Good luck with getting over your portion distortion and white food issues. :) I'll be getting the silver sneakers in August.

Sweetie Pie said...

I think that oat bran is one of the most perfect things I've found when it comes to balancing fiber, protein and calories. If you come across some, you should totally grab it!! I love a bowl for breakfast!

I love Kashi too! :-)

I am, of course, wishing you tons of luck!!