Sunday, May 31, 2009

This,That and Something Else!

We are leaving for Little Rock Monday and will be gone for three days. Luckie will be staying at her usual doggy motel, a la veterinarian clinic. She is not fond of boarding even though the attendants seem to love her, with comments like 'she is SUCH a sweet little dog!' (You can tell how distasteful this arrangement is from her picture.)

Hmm, they should visit Luckie on Sunday [Luckie - Home Alone: Graze or Hunt? ].

Saturday my husband chose his Toyota Tacoma and we unloaded a bunch of cash at the dealership. It wasn't his exact dream truck which is harder to find since 2010s are due in September-November.

Also, Saturday we had a lovely young lady, Hannah, 14 years old, come to our house and help me dust, for a donation to her missionary trip. We surprised her with a sizable donation, which we would have given, anyway.

Hannah made it known in our church bulletin she wanted to work for travel money, so we allowed her to dust for two hours. I worked along with her. We feel if teenagers express a desire to work, we should, within reason, accommodate them. Otherwise, they may expect everything to be given them throughout life.

Hannah's work was very helpful, as I am very allergic to dust (mites). My exposure to dust induces asthma attacks, wheezing, etc. This allergy among many others poses a question I have never solved: Do you dust and induce planned asthma, etc., or do you let it lie, and have random asthma attacks, when you move something?

Saturday evening there was an impromptu air show over Bull Shoals Lake and our house. Some hobby airplane club was having a fly-in rally at Gaston's Resort. The demonstration show of Russian and Chinese planes was interesting.

The "operation aborted" seems better, but not cured. Since I use Internet Explorer to browse, too, I encountered several "OAs" on other sites as I played tag in PhotoHunt. At least one person said he got an OA as he left tntchick's PhotoHunt to my blog Saturday.

If it keeps up I'll change to FireFox. I used and loved Netscape Navigator for years and finally followed the world to Internet Explorer.

I'll have my laptop in Little Rock. The motel in which we are staying has free Wireless Internet, so I'll be a happy camper.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, this is such a fun post! I learned so much more about you! I, too, wonder about the I have the same allergies...This past year, I have let it lie. I used to have an old RexAir water vacuum...I used it for dusting...but it broke :-( Good for you for helping that young woman, and for letting her work!!! That's super...and Luckie is a gorgeous dog, even when unhappy. Sorry about the blogging technical difficulties...that's frustrating! Have a wonderful trip! ~Janine XO

Amber Star said...

I really liked Navigator, too and was so sad when they took it away.

Have a fun few days away from home. I'm still putting plants in the ground and in almost anything that will work.

About the dusting/allergy attack. I just haul off and dust and then when I'm done take a benadryl and use my inhaler. My sweet husband has been very good to help me during this health problem stuff.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope you have a great time and glad you will still be "connected."
I love that girl working for a donation. What an example for youngsters who think a hand stretched out is sufficient.
I am fortunately not allergic to dust, just allergic to the constant work needed to remove it. Now pollen is another story.
Have fun.

Abe Lincoln said...

I wonder what happens that you might have to switch to Firefox? Anyway, I have used Firefox for years now and until version 8 of IE came out I wouldn't use it. I don't like it but have to use it when I mess around with Microsoft as they do not recognize Firefox or Chrome. I like Chrome too as a browser.

Abraham Lincoln
My Birds Blog

Amber Star said...

Forgot to say what a nice truck your husband bought. It should be comfy on your trip. My husband's elderly truck is more comfortable than my Avalon. My next car is going to be comfortable...durn the gasoline and all the p/c stuff. I'm old and deserve something comfortable after a lifetime of driving around in little uncomfortable cars that are stiff as a board.

Liz said...

What a good idea cleaning to raise money, helping others while fund-raising, an excellent idea.

Poor Luckie. George thoroughly enjoyed himself in kennels, conning the girls into giving two breakfasts!

Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

please ask Hannah to contact me. I have work for her and will gladly make a contribution.

Sweetie Pie said...

I like the truck! My brother bought a blue Toyota Tacoma about five years ago, and I know he has enjoyed it!

I'm sure Luckie was happy to see you when you got home, and I hope she won't hold a grudge. My parents' cat usually stays mad for a few days after they return from a trip. He gets very cranky!

I think it's great that you and Hannah did some dusting! I hope she makes her fundraising goal with no problem. It sounds like she's the kind of kid who should have no trouble doing that. It's nice that people like you are willing to help her out!