Friday, May 01, 2009

Luckie's monthly "beauty " appointment

This morning is set aside for Luckie's monthly grooming. For "hounds from the pound" this is basically a bath, cleaning ears, snipping nails, anal gland suppression (yucko! worth the price of the appointment) and a lovely new scarf to add to her collection.

Nina, the groomer, says Luckie is a loving, well-behaved client. Maybe I'll send Luckie home with her for behavioral retraining!

Luckie hates the scarves as you can tell from photo (right). I add the scarves to a collection for future uses by our local animal officer.

As a city official, I have observed our animal control officer's selfless effort to go an extra mile to find homes for homeless strays instead of euthanizing them in five days as required by ordinance.

On weekends and "off the clock," he sets up at popular traffic areas with the impounded dogs. I recognized some dogs might attract a second look with a scarf, so, periodically, I donate Luckie's collection for his use.

Our city has had an animal control officer for over six years and only euthanized five aged, sick or biting dogs. Hats off and Kudos!! to a compassionate animal control officer from an avowed dog lover!


Arkansas Patti said...

She does look a little embarassed doesn't she. Great recycle of the scarves and huge "kudos" to your animal control officer. That is a wonderful record.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Oh, the indignities our pets suffer for the sake of "looking cute." Luckie looks quite disgusted with the whole idea of scarves.

Kudos, indeed! Your community's animal control officer definitely has a heart.

Liz said...

She looks very lovely though!

And what a great and kind man he must be.