Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday's Trauma

Our house has undergone more trauma than usual.

We are replacing carpet in two bedrooms and the living/formal dining area. That means moving everything, including clutter into another cluttered room, so everything is a MESS and booby-trapped for navigation.

Only good thing was it appeared the fridge was blocked for the night until the living and formal dining area gets new carpet today. Hah! I did find a way but it took some muscle to move those three lift recliners lined up like an armada in the kitchen.I burned enough calories accessing the fridge to compensate for the yogurt and wheat germ I ate.

Today the job will be finished--and then begins the re-assembly.

We have agreed to have a yard sale Labor Day and rid ourselves of many unused items we are storing all over the property.

And of course, the nursery showed up the same day as the carpet layer to plant the shrubs I bought to replace the trees we lost in the 100-year ice storm.

The upper left photo is the master and guest bedroom carpet which is more of neutral gray. carpet in the master and guest bedrooms.'

The lower right photo is the living and dining area carpet which has a steel grayish blue cast.

The ambient light in each room alters the actual colors somewhat.

The carpet is a commercial grade with a antimicrobial, anti-moisture, hypoallergenic pad underneath.

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Arkansas Patti said...

Good idea blocking the fridge. Making it really hard to get to can't be a bad idea.
Have fun planting trees. If your weather is like ours, it is a perfect day.
Wish we had Silver Sneakers here.