Thursday, May 21, 2009

Little Things Sometimes Bring Joy

Wednesday, husband (H) and best-nearly a sister-friend (BF) went shopping in Springfield, MO. We all had different objectives.

H was big-time looking at a new pick-up, Toyota Tacoma. Although he did not buy, we will be returning in early June, if both of us clear our 6-month health exams.

BF wanted pots for her water lily plants. Despite several stops at nurseries, she came up empty. She will pursue the search on the Internet.

I had two objectives, a 6-quart stockpot ( Dutch oven) and baby bok choy (BBC). I found the pot at Target and the BBC at an Asian food market. [Not acquainted with BBC? Check out
Farm Fresh: Grilled Baby Bok Choy]

The baby bok choy was highlight of my day - above Target (stockpot, two hats), above Red Lobster, above Kohl's, above Sam's Club, above all else!

When one decides to diet [my definition: long term food deprivation, controlled starvation], especially Weight Watchers (WW), a truce with vegetables is mandated. The current WW diet is based on a point principle. The dieter is assigned a daily point allowance based on weight at any given time. As weight declines, so do points on which to dine. Most vegetables are ZERO points; e.g. eat all you want all day long! That is enticing to a member of Foodaholics Anonymous!

I intensely dislike most vegetables, especially strong smelling, tasting ones - turnips, parsnips, rutabagas, cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts -YUCK! YUCK !YUCKO! I have passing acquaintances with green beans, shelled beans, peas, corn, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, iceberg and Romaine lettuce, sweet peppers. I can tolerate some items on the Yucko list, if slathered with melted cheeses, or concealed with southern-style gravies or rich sauces.

To counter boredom, the bane of dieting, variety in food selection within the boundaries of most diets is required. A few years ago Wal-Mart was selling an interesting Chinese cabbage called BBC, 3/package, which appeared identical to its larger namesake. A simple little recipe on the packaging lured me to try the somewhat pricey babies.

I knew my husband would snub it. If it isn't corn or potatoes, he's not interested. I LOVED it - no strong odors, relatively easy to chop, can be eaten raw, stir fries in a few minutes, stores for long periods of time in refrigerator.

For the rest of that year, I regularly purchased my new-found love, but, come next spring, it was no where to be found in my rural area of Arkansas. Now that I am again participated in controlled starvation, I searched, without success, for BBC at available food supplies within a 50-mi. radius.

I began to think BBC was a Chinese import, banned, when melamine food and drug contamination reared its ugly head. By the way, melamine is in fertilizers used in US agriculture-consider the ramification of that fact.

Eureka! Wednesday was my lucky day! I bought six BBCs and have the hope of future purchases, since H and I will be traipsing to Springfield in pursuit of his dream truck. I am searching for ways to freeze it...maybe blanching, freezing and my food sealer process.

Amazing how little things, like baby bok choy, can elicit joy.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Congrats on your find!!!! Good work, Sherlock! For health reasons, I'm principally a vegetarian, and so I'm always on the look-out for good veggies...and that can be quite a feat!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed this post! ~Janine XO

Amber Star said...

I'm so glad you are easily amused, too. Girl! I can't believe you don't love veggies! All you mentioned are wonderful...I guess it is just me...and my kids. We all love veg and from time to time we go vegan for short periods of time. It is sweets that are my bane!

The hats you got are great! I don't think I've ever heard of that bok choy you love, but will keep an eye out for it.

Sweetie Pie said...

First of all, congrats on the 10%. That's such an accomplishment!! :-)

Second, I've been getting caught up on your posts, and I hope that all is well.

Third... I love BBC too!

RJ Flamingo said...

I've used the food sealer with raw BBC, and it worked great, FYI. Low fat and fat-free salad dressings make great dips for raw veg to help the flavor thing. Also, watch out for potatoes, corn and peas - some, but not a lot. They're not free because of the starch and sugar content. Good luck!