Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just a brief post since I have am off to nearby Mountain Home for some medical tests today. See you later after my crisis management days are over, or maybe sooner.

I gained 1/2 lb. but not surprised, after eating out Friday. Then my husband surprisingly cooked T-Bones for 5 persons yesterday. Beef "weighs" heavy if eaten the day before weigh-in. The reasons for this would be too much information for this blog!!!

The clouds are gathering for more rain, so best get moving.

LATER: I made it to Mountain Home and back without storms, but have to return again today to register as outpatient at hospital for the cat-scan and blood work.

The oncologist's nurse has asked me to stop in this afternoon to see if we
can resolve my vein dilemma, since my orders include two vein procedures and I have only one reliable, easily accessible vein.

I hate these so-called minimumly invasive procedures; there is no such thing. I am a person of minuscule veins, anything called a needle seems like medieval torture. One puncture wound is never enough for these vein-busting grinches.

I wish I were a porcupine; I'd fire several spine needles back at these Mafia bloodsucking, blood thirsty leeches who are tortuous agents of bruises and pain.


Liz said...

Just catching up. Oh I sympathise on the diet front. I'm trying the small plate trick - so that dinner looks more than it is! But my clothes are uncomfortable and i really need to lose. having said that i put my scales in the wardrobe today because they depress me too much! Hope you're more successful. 20 lbs is a good loss.

Hope the scan goes well tomorrow. Husband had cancer about 19 years ago and his veins hide as soon as they get close to a hospital so he would understand your problem.

Love to you and Luckie from me and George x

Arkansas Patti said...

I feel your pain. Me too on the veins. When I find a good tech who can hit me first time and not go "fishing", I want to either marry him or adopt him depending on his age.
Good luck with the tests tomorrow. Let us know.

Abe Lincoln said...

I must have the same problem at 74. My veins are small and they can seldom find them and I have had them stick them everywhere including in my neck of all places.

NitWit1 said...

Thanks for all the encouragement. Several sent e-mails. Things went wonderful at oncologist's office. A "knight in shining armor"oops-knightness, maybe Joan of Arc, solved the vein dilemma by drawing blood for Thursday and Monday from a tiny vein we mutually found which left my larger vein for the cat scan contrast. It made Thursday much easier to bear. This nurse is very compassionate. I witnessed her comforting a chemo patient, yesterday.

Amber Star said...

Congrats on finding a phlebotomist who can find a vein the first time. I've got one who uses a butterfly and it is virtually painless and leaves no bruise. I have small rolling viens, too.

If you have been working out some, then that might account for the weight gain, because muscle weighs more than fat. Good news, eh?

Abe Lincoln said...

Veins are serious business. Thanks for the email.