Thursday, May 14, 2009

Luckie and I Are Conducting Our Own Opinion Poll!!

Luckie probably is an unwilling participant as she hates it when I stick the camera in her face.

But I'm entitled. Everywhere I go somebody is conducting a poll: who will win the SUPERBOWL-wasn't the Dallas Cowboys, hmmm. Win the Kentucky Derby? Win NBA title? Opinions on Obama's campaign promises vs. reality? Do you have a LCD TV? Even the local print newspaper's on-line site has daily opinion polls on local, area, state and national issues.

I am contemplating a new camera and lens and may sell present Nikon D50 [6.1 megapixel] with a Tamron zoom lens, or I may just buy another lens.

Being a techie and having owned advanced amateur cameras most of my life, I do like the Nikon brand (2), but have owned at least one Canon. I love full digital cameras with both automatic and manual, or semi-manual controls. Lots of gizmos!

A number of you fellow bloggers do a lot of close-up work which I would love to do better, but the closeup of the Tamron zoom is about 12-17" from subject which is somewhat limiting if it is an ant or bee or other small creature.

So give me some ideas of what you use, not necessarily brands.

As a footnote, cat scan went smoothly today, thanks to my "advanced" planning.


Arkansas Patti said...

So glad your scan went well. Be sure to let us know results of all tests.

I use a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 but I am a rank amature photog and still learning the ropes of this one. I liked the results Pure Florida got with his so I bought what he had. Good luck.

Amber Star said...

I know nothing about cameras. I have a little point and shoot and it is ok for what I use it for. One day I'd like to take a real camera class and learn how to use a fancy schmancy camera.

Glad your cat scan went well.

I liked your post today about how God can heal and bring us to Him if we only let Him.

You asked about the meds I'm taking for the RA and they are prednisone once daily, hydroxychloroquine once per day, and Methotrexate once a week. The objective is to knock down my out of control immune system, before the RA damages the joints. I'm trying to stick with a low fat diet so I don't gain too much. I asked the rheumatologist and he said I would gain, but not grossly...I hope. From what I've read on the internet the drugs he prescribed are the standard these days. They have some side effects that are much more serious than gaining going blind or just dying. The way I see it I'll just put myself in God's hands and His will be done. That is the prayer that never fails from the Mitford series.